Gabriel Godoy Front-end Developer

First commit =)

Hi, my name is Gabriel Godoy and I work as a front-end developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I came from a design background, but I was always interested in front-end. One day a long time ago I had the opportunity to build a website from the ground-up, when my boss at the time asked me if I could develop one for his company.

Tough days, when sites had to be compatible with IE6 😱 . But since then I never stopped doing things for the web.

I work at Huge Rio now, a huge agency as the name says 😓 . There I have the opportunity to work with awesome projects that challenge our team on a daily basis. Damn creative designers :)

It has been a pleasure to work side by side with such talented guys, like @caiovaccaro, @Willian_justen, @nipher_jonas, @nandoacoelho and Márcio Ribeiro. I am learning a lot about how to make things right…so…why not talk a little about it.

Why a blog?

My main goal with this blog is to share my experiences as a front-end developer, and to talk about the new exciting stuff that I come up with everyday as well, such as new tools, frameworks and almost everything about the front-end world.

I also expect to learn from people who may stumble upon this blog with good insights, so we can share some knowledge.

My hope is that you find some interesting content here. If that happens, my job will be complete.

Have a nice day 🙌

Gabriel Godoy

Gabriel Godoy is a front-end developer residing in Brazil. He likes to share knowledge on the same amount that he learns.